2013 m. kovo 30 d.

Welcome to my world little weirdo

 My life is a complete mess. I'm a blonde girl with black eyebrows. I live in the closet I call it Narnia. Umm, normal people call it Lithuania. But not me, I'm not normal, believe me. I love drawing and singing. Also I play the guitar ( learned by myself) Actually I like photography, but I don't know how to take photos normally. I'm just a little weirdo WHO LOVES FOOD. I don't care what to eat, I'm just eating. ( nom nom nom) My sister lives in Vilnius.      ( I want to live there too ) I have a brother too but he is too boring to write about him. I have one more sister ( and she's not real one) She is sitting next to me right now and just can't shut the hell up (sorry bitchacho) I'm directioner. (Oh I hate myself for that). I think about me is enough.Here's my facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vanillawolfg
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kriste_Tommo
ASK : http://ask.fm/wanillawolf
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