2013 m. gegužės 3 d.

I guess you have never thought about it

Have you ever noticed the birds that chirp at midnight?
 I’ve always wondered why they chirp, is it a happy chirp? Or is it a cry out for help? Can a bird feel depressed like we all do? Can they go insane within their own heads? The voices that talk to me can they hear them too? Can those midnight birds feel my sorrow and pain? Do they sob in the darkness of their own lives? Or are they just normal, the type of birds who chirp songs of happiness the ones who have families they cherish. What happens when you take that birds family? Does he go insane? Does he just stay the same? Or maybe he goes out and fills his little mouth with poison and swallows because no one can save him. He’s just a bird with nothing left, a bird who’s only job was to care for his family in which he failed he now has nothing but the silence he hears as he sits in his nest all alone thinking if the family he once called his own...

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