2013 m. balandžio 1 d.


What is it about Facebook that brings out the worst in us? I look through my Timeline, and yes, get caught up on a few things here and there that are good to read about: pictures of my cousin, friends pictures of vacations and etc...  And then we get to the politics, religion and etc... And more than just get updated and informed, for fun, on Facebook I spend my time getting more and more frustrated on what I find there.Yes, there are the reasonable solutions: get rid of it, block those friends or family members, etc. And maybe some of that will happen. But in the meantime, I wonder why it is that Facebook brings out this in people. Why they're so illogical, or unfriendly, or simply blind to the greater world around them.
 all I CAN do is deal with myself. I can try to pray for my own heart and my own reaction to all of it.
 And maybe places like Facebook can be for enjoyment, catching up, for fun, rather than a hotbed of hate, misinformation, and anger... 

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