2013 m. balandžio 1 d.

Review about PITCH PERFECT

Listen this while reading ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNkN9Ulquls
This is my first review !
Yay !And this is gona be about FILMS. I think that I'm going to talk about movie called PITCH PERFECT  I'm pretty sure that you have heard about this movie, because it's very popular right now :) Sooo..

When watching the trailer of the film it seems like this would be another film capitalizing on the popularity of "GLEE" But "Don't judge abook by it's cover" this phrase definitely applies here .
The plot was kinda predictable,but it's involved me. Between the laughs there's a story about a rebellious girl who joins female accapella group. Of course ( just like in most of movies) there's love interest,conflicts,but all these elements are an added bonus as the comedy and music drives the film.
Music preference is something that just can't be criticize, but in my opinion I though the quality of musix was excellent in this movie.
This film was a surprise for me.. Why? Becouse it showed not what I expected. I throughly enjoyed it because it was able to exeptionally define itself in its comedy and music genre. The humor was unexpected, I caugh myself lafing in some parts. The plot was predictable and some of the actors was generic,but it was unnoticeable due to the other aspects of this great movie.
I think it's worth 8/10

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