2013 m. balandžio 1 d.

#How to...

I think that everybody sometimes just gets sad . So I think I should write how to cheer another person if you don't want to see him in bad mood. So..
20 ways how to make somebody happy!
1. Smile !! 
2. Help them with their problems
3 Pick her/him flowers
4 Cook her/him a nice meal
5 Say that  you love him/her
6 Make the coffee to her/him
7Go for a walk
8 Or house sit if they need it
9 Be proud of her/him
10 Trust him/her
11  Listen
12 Write a letter to her/him
13 Call just to see how they're doing
14 Tell good jokes
15 Give them inspirational book
16 Try to do needlework
17 paint something
18 Be there when they're in need
19 bake cookies
20 Give them  a strong HUG

  good luck ! x 

2 komentarai:

Argaudas KTM rašė...

i think thats true.

Vanilla Kristė rašė...

Yup, me too kiddo .